The Guild appointed an Archivist in 1985, and ever since that date archive material has been deposited. It has come from all five current branches, from various towers and from individuals. Following the death of Kenneth Lewis there has been a major acquisition of material: peal books, printed books, old minute books, much loose paper, and an enormous volume of correspondence. At the present time the latter appears almost insignificantly as “Correspondence 1933-“ [ref. CDG/A/Lewis/2/Corres/-]. All this is in the process of being catalogued; and when the task is complete the Archive List will have considerably increased in size.

In memory of Mr E.R. Elkins, Guild Master 1967-68 (and father of Mary Lewis) a specially designed archive cupboard was placed in the Addleshaw Tower, Chester. Unfortunately it was quickly found that this cupboard was too small to house the steadily growing collection. Subsequently two deposits of our archive material have been made with Cheshire Record Office (CRO), which also acts as the Record Office for the Diocese of Chester. A third deposit will be made in the summer of 2005.

All items in the Archive List shown in red are filed in the CRO.
They are in the class EDM 13 and the complete reference is given in the list.
CRO is in Duke Street, Chester. Anybody contemplating a visit should telephone in advance (01244 602559), as places are limited.

All Branch Secretaries and Tower Captains are urged to deposit archive material. Hanging onto it may seem the right thing, but it is this way that so much has been lost in the past. It is completely natural to want to keep old photographs in the tower. We are now building up a good collection of photographs and the Archivist would like to copy any that towers wish to keep. Preferably there ought to be a key, but this is very often asking for the impossible.

The Guild Archivist is David Adams and he may be contacted at the address below:

14 Butterbache Road, Huntington, Chester, CH3 6BZ.
Telephone number and email address are as shown on the Officers web page.

The archive List, which is extensive, is now replicated on this website.
Where any "Code" is coloured and underlined, as in the case of "CDG/A/ACC/-" below, then that links to the relevavant pages.

ARCHIVE LIST27/04/2005
Bell NewsCDG/A/BN/-
Bell RestorationCDG/A/BELL REST/-
Branch MattersCDG/A/BR/-
Centenary (1987)CDG/A/CENT/-
Non-resident Life MembersCDG/A/NRLM/-
Printed BooksCDG/A/PB/-
Secretary (Guild)CDG/A/SEC/-
TowersCDG/A/TOW/tower code/-


Note that former branches are filed under present branch areas.
Thus: -
Bowdon, Stockport and Mottram Branch = East Cheshire Branch
Crewe Branch = South Branch
Grappenhall Branch = Mid-Cheshire Branch
Macclesfield Branch = East Cheshire Branch
Northwich Branch = Mid-Cheshire Branch

N.B. Towers in Blue are in J.W. Clarke’s Cheshire Bells (with Part No. in brackets).
Records for towers exist only where the tower code appears as in the case of BOW below. To go directly to any of these towers' records list, click on the tower code. To go to the top of the list, click here.
ACT = Acton
ADY = Alderley
AFD = Aldford (C5)
ALS = Alsager
AST = Astbury
AUD = Audlem
BKD = Backford (C3)
BAR = Barthomley
BEB = Bebington (C4)
BID = Bidston (C4)
BOL = Bollington
BOW = Bowdon
BDY = Bredbury (C6)
BRN = Brereton
BRO = Bromborough (C3)
BUD(G) = Budworth, Great
BUD(L) = Budworth, Little
BUN = Bunbury (C5)
BGE = Burbage
BTN =Burton (C3)
CAP = Capenhurst (C3)
CHA = Chapel-en-le-Frith
CDL = Cheadle (C6)
CFD = Chelford
CAT = Chester Cathedral (C1)
CHE(M) = Chester, St Mary on the Hill (or St Mary within-the-Walls) (C2)
CHR = Christleton (C3)
CHU = Church Minshull
CON = Congleton
CRW = Crewe
DAR = Daresbury
DAV = Davenham
DIS = Disley (C6)
DOD = Dodleston (C3)
DUN = Dunham Massey
ECC = Eccleston (C3)
EAS = Eastham (C3)
FFD = Fairfield
FDN = Farndon (C5)
FRO = Frodsham (C5)
GAW = Gawsworth
GOO = Goostrey
GRA = Grappenhall
HBG = Handbridge (or Chester, St Mary without- the-Walls) (C2)
HDY = Handley (C5)
HAY = Hayfield
HES = Heswall (C4)
HOL = Holmes Chapel
HOO = Hoole (C3)
HYD = Hyde (C6)
KNU = Knutsford
LAW = Lawton, Church
LIS = Liscard (C4)
L.P. = Lower Peover
LYM = Lymm
MAC(CC) = Macclesfield, Christ Church
MAC(M) = Macclesfield, St Michael
MAC(P) = Macclesfield, St Peter
MAL = Malpas (C5)
MBY = Marbury
MPL = Marple (C6)
MID = Middlewich
MOB = Mobberley
MOR = Moreton (C4)
MOT = Mottram in Longendale (C6)
NAN = Nantwich
NES = Neston (C4)
N.M. = New Mills
NOR = Norbury (C6)
OVR = Over
OXT = Oxton (C4)
PORT = Port Sunlight (C4)
POT = Pott Shrigley
POY = Poynton C6)
PRE = Prestbury
PUL = Pulford (C3)
R.F. = Rock Ferry (C4)
ROS = Rostherne
RUN = Runcorn (C5)
SAN = Sandbach
SHO = Shotwick (C4)
SLY = Staley
SBG = Stalybridge (C6)
STO(G) = Stockport, St George (C6)
STO(M) = Stockport, St Mary (C6)
STR = Stretton
SUT = Sutton
TPY = Tarporley (C5)
TVN = Tarvin (C3)
TAT = Tattenhall (C5)
TAX = Taxal (C6)
T.L.M. = Thornton-le-Moors (C5)
THU = Thurstaston (C4)
TIL = Tilston (C5)
TSM = Tushingham (C5)
UPT = Upton (C4)
WAL(H) = Wallasey, St Hilary (C4)
WAL(N) = Wallasey, St Nicholas (C4)
WBN = Warburton
WGM = Warmingham
WAV = Waverton
WVM = Weaverham
W.K. = West Kirby (C4)
WIL = Wilmslow
WIS = Wistaston
WIT = Witton
WDH = Woodchurch (C4)
WRE = Wrenbury
WYB = Wybunbury

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