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The following introduction has been extracted from THE FIRST HUNDRED YEARS, the commemorative booklet produced in 1987 to mark the Centenary of the Guild. Rev. Beeston was Guild Secretary from 1907 to 1923 and Guild Treasurer from 1908 to 1932.

"This collection of books on ringing, card indices of methods rung etc, was begun by the Rev. A.T. Beeston and presented by him to the Guild in 1932. Since that date, it has been kept up to date by the addition of further books, either by way of gifts or by purchase by the Guild and the card indices kept up to date by the Librarians, which have been Peter Laflin 1932-1967, Arthur E. Whiting 1968-1974 and Andrew C.D. Mayes 1975-."

The collection was subsequently (post 1987) divided into two sections, one the Library Section, reported here, and the other the Archives Section.

The present Guild Librarian is Roger Bugler (See Officers for contact details) who has now compiled a computer based index, the contents of which are reproduced below.

This catalogue of the contents of the Beeston Library has been prepared on the following basis. The first part consists of the periodicals held by the Library, namely:-

Bell News
The Ringing World
Chester Diocesan Guild Reports

The remainder of the contents of the Library has been combined into a single list, which, on this website, is presented in alphabetical order of Author's Name (but see note below on Joint Authors) then Title within each of the following sections:

Section 1 - Geographical
Section 2 - History of Towers & Bells
Section 3 - Maintenance & Engineering
Section 4 - Central Council Publications
Section 5 - Handbells & Tune Ringing
Section 6 - Miscellaneous & General
Section 7 - Manuscript Items
Section 8 - Change Ringing - General
Section 9 - Change Ringing Historical

Finally, the Library contains some items of Special Historical Interest, which are all included in section 9, but it has been felt worthwhile to give a more detailed description, which is included as a separate entry.

The Library is housed in the ringing chamber of St. George's, Stockport, and has been rearranged in sections, with the periodicals displayed on separate shelving.
Joint AuthorFiled under...
Blakemore T.Jones W.
Middleton R.P.Kelby S.D.
Pipe G.J.WClouston Rev M.
Popplewell A.M.Marshall D.J.
Reeves J.Jones W.

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