Barclays Pingit Charity QR code generator

Create QR codes to support your matched fundraising

Create as many codes as you need using our free code generator. You can create a basic code or arrange for notifications to be issued to your phone as you receive donations. Pingit will even collect GiftAid on the Charity's behalf if they support it.

Generate a QR code to use with Barclays Pingit

Step 1 – Your details

To create a QR code, simply select your chosen charity from the list below and specify any additional options you require.

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Step 2 – Your optional additional information

You can include additional information in your QR code to suit your fundraising needs.

If you have applied for matched funding, please include your matched fundraising reference (e.g. "MF-37383") here:

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Step 3 – Generate your code



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